Social Networking

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Project Type: Web Application

Duration: 7 Months

Role: Responsible to integrate features on the Frontend as well as backend


  • Make Friends
  • Post with image, video, link, etc.
  • User Profile with mutual friends
  • Public/private posts
  • One-to-one chat with & Mysql
  • Notifications
  • Friend request
  • Make a group
  • Events
  • Pages
  • Image compression
  • Login with a number using OTP
  • Payment integration using Paypal
  • UPI


  • Client requirement was to social app similar kind of Facebook.
  • The Major features of Facebook like posting, comments, friends, and chat were added.


  • Users can make an advertisement post among all users.
  • Advertise was paid feature where it rely on pay per click & impressions.


  • Google Map
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Account Login
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