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  • Front: AngularJS v1.4.3
  • Back: Laravel 5.6
  • DB: Mysql
  • Local storage

Duration: 2 Years 3 Months


  • I was responsible to handle the Frontend part of this project.
  • Sometimes worked on backend modification if backend dev not available.


  • User: Who accesses the ERP as a Consumer
  • Admin: Who handles the full features of a given application. i.e. To manage its all companies, branches & users.
  • Super-admin: This was accessible by the owner(Siliconbrain) itself.


  • This contains basic details of the company that will be considered as a brand.
  • Also, the company has major settings according to their need that will be used in other features.
  • Admin can manage probably all features given to customers.


  • This contains branch details of a particular company.
  • Every company has multiple branches.


  • Staff is considered as end-user who will access the application.
  • Every branch contains multiple staff.


  • Goods of the company are added to the system as Products.
  • Products contain all major details that will be used to display/fetch in bills.
  • ie. product details, HSN, price, GST, measurement, etc.


  • Purchase bills of the company with a selection of products.
  • Upload original bills as an image.
  • This affects the current stock of the products.
  • Bulk product insertion using importing from excel/csv by mapping shells.


  • Generate sales bills by filling out sales forms by staff.
  • This form auto-selects some basic detail collected from login staff makes easier for staff to fill only necessary things.
  • Staff can see calculated or final bill amount, GST, cess, etc. right there once he/she adds a product to the bill.
  • A Barcode scanner was used to add products faster and more reliable.
  • Preview bill before submitting & Thermal/A4 Print bill right after submitting.
  • Save in draft to use it in future.
  • Convert sales orders to sales bills.
  • Go to the previous/next bill and make a copy of it.


  • Users can see the company’s balance sheets by the current accounting year.
  • This sheet shows the particular year’s assets, liabilities & other expenses.


  • This portion contains major accounting-related features like Journals, Ledgers, Vendor outstanding, Payments, Receipts, etc.
  • All statements, taxation (GST R1/R2/R3/R3B) & Special journals were also part of the features.


  • Product master has advanced features that manipulate product behavior. Quantity-wise Pricing, Tax-inclusive, minimum stock level, Simple Measurement Unit (Peace/Pair), Advance Measurement-unit (Sq./Qb. Foot), etc.
  • The alternate name of the product in Hindi

Barcode Print:

  • Print barcode in bulk by selecting multiple products.
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