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ERP is developed in AngularJS & Laravel. Front-end is Build in AngularJS v1.4.3 & Back-end with Laravel Rest-API.

  • My Responsibility to handle the Front-end of ERP, also I did some modification in the back-end as need to handle the situation.

  • Aim of ERP to provide business to Manage Accounting, CRM, Product, Manage Stock, Bill-generation with Multiple Company & its Multiple Branch at one place.

  • The major functionality is that Flexibility & Dynamic Structure. User can change features as per his/her need. Like if a User wants to add a commission of its staff by bill or by Product then he/she can set it from setting what we provided.

  • The Accounting of this ERP is one of the powerful features of it. It contains journals, Ledgers, vendor’s outstanding, Payment, Receipt, All statements, Taxation (GST R1/R2/R3/R3B), Special journals.

  • User can generate bills like sales, purchase, quotation & sales/purchase order.

  • Bills has features like User-defined Invoice number, Dynamic template printing, Thermal printing, Scanning Document, save in Draft, and Convert Sales order to Sales bill.

  • Some speed-up features in a bill which are Quick insert/update client/Product or previous bills and add of the product by barcode machine.

  • Another important part is Inventory. Stock manage, Stock Register, and product master of inventory that user to control their stock.

  • In inventory, the Product master has advance features that manipulate product behavior. Quantity-wise Pricing, Tax-inclusive, minimum stock level, Simple Measurement Unit (Peace/Pair), Advance Measurement-unit (Sq./Qb. Foot), Alternate name of the product in Hindi.

  • User can merge more than one product will also merge its stock of mergeable products.

  • Admin can set the permission of staff to control the criteria of staff. If the admin wants to display only the inventory section of the site then he/she can on/off from the setting.

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